About Us

About us 

Grazpp Edtech is a startup that produces interactive content for Generation Z. grazpp.com provides daily news, trivia and quizzes. The platform is unique in terms of its look and feel having an immersive experience with an easy swipe environment. Each piece of content is curated and adapted to cater to Gen Z’s tastes and preferences.

Why grazpp.com?

Conventional channels thrive on sensationalism as they are tailored to meet the reading patterns of adult readers. Selected articles are then curated applying interactive tools and applications that make them appealing to young readers.

How is Grazpp unique?

Grazpp curates’ news at multiple levels to cater to the reading skills and comprehension of different age groups. Our unique interface gamifies reading through interactive quizzes, polls and custom badges for milestones. Engagement is enhanced through gamification and social media is used to promote healthy competition among young readers. Our multiple delivery modes like web portal, mobile apps and social media channels ensure that our readers are never away from grazpp.com.